NEW ITEMS: Just arrived. RCA 40823. These are listed against the NTE cross reference as an
NTE222 (same as the more common RCA 40673). I'm selling these at
$3.00 while quantities last
and I reserve the right to limit quantity to a dozen per customer.
Other new arrivals include: 3SK97 gaAS fet (a little hard to obtain) - I have 4 for
sale at $18.75 each

BFY981 at $2 each
BF988 (pictured) I have 6 of them
BFR96 I have 10 of them

I will be putting prices here shortly. My prices (as always) will be very
reasonable. Shipping in Canada only $1.50 on these small components (esd
safe padded envelope) .. $2.80 to USA and about $5.50 or so overseas.
quote: The 40823, 40822, 40821, 3N140, 3N142, and 40673 are virtually
indistinguishable from their data sheets. The 4082x were pushed more
industrial transistors while the 3N14x and 40673 were pushed more as
parts. Specifically VHF RF parts. Their parameters are very close to the
same. Some were marketed as mixers, others as RF stages. Possibly just
to cater to the radio designer used to having different tubes for
different conditions.  unquote.

These are not my own observations. I took this clipping of a discussion
from a ham radio forum concerning replacement dg mosfets for certain
Ten Tec Gear. It was stated by an Engineer.

If you look at the NTE semiconductor cross reference (on the web); both
the 40823 and the 40673 cross refer to an NTE 222 replacement device.
This page is under construction..9 November 2012. as I gear up for winter
with better INVENTORY..MORE STOCK NOW.. 73 earl ve3ab

Small ..even only one or two parts is fine. I do the small orders than the
big boys don't handle. Postage for typically $1.50 across Canada;
$2.80 to USA and about $5.50 overseas.
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( 73 Earl VE3AB
sold out of 40823
and 40820 .. I do
have SFE1612 at
$5.75 and that is a
very good part!