Material Identification Process for small components.
All this sorting of small parts, the IDENTIFICATION PROCESS, and the research to
see what the items actually are and finding out what to sell them all takes

I actually enjoy doing this. I enjoy writing web pages and I enjoy working on my

I found a couple of listings on the internet (ebay) for the red colored HEWLETT
Packard Display parts.
this page is under construction..
July 29th 2012 for the next little while.
I used to work in Federal Government of Canada as a "Material
IDENTIFIER"..WHAT DID a Material Identifier do?? Well..something like
what I was doing today on this page..except..we didn't go to ebay or
other selling sites to see what Items are selling for. Ebay is an important
resource for me. I don't sell on ebay..but I find out what the items are
going for and availability.
Unfortunately for me..the HP5082-7653 is selling for only $1 buy it now
price! Looks like this item is as common as dirt and Id be lucky if I sell
these ones I picked up at a ham radio flea market.
LINK TO DATA SHEET FOR 5082 series parts
LINK TO DATA SHEET FOR 5082-7633 (note: this
data sheet is not really a full data sheet but does have
some cross referenced parts to follow up with using
the Item Identification process
Below gathering like items together. In math (algebra) we often used to gather
like items (such as the Y variables and the x variables) together so we could
simplify the problem and hopefully solve the problem. Here in my case of
working with all these small electronic parts..I gathered the similar looking
items together and found the part numbers for them. With the Part number, I
could search for data sheets and go deeper into the item identification
At this time..I did a visual inspection of the items. I found that the pins (metal
pins) are to some degree oxidized. I have run into this before with similar type
items such as the Texas Instrument TIL series of seven segment displays. I
cleaned off the oxide with a very fine sandpaper and the items were good to
go and I actually tested them to be sure.
An old transistor (below pictured) in original packaging.