Radio Knobs for sale by ve3ab (my prices will be about 1/2 the ebay prices and
maybe alot less). Almost all KNOBS have no part numbers --so-- it will be
pictures for you to browse -- and we can match up with what you need.
Small wee orders are what I do AND I take the time to do measurements and
careful matching to your equipment.
email me:
Besides all the loose knobs I have collected..I have old
radios with KNOBs such as IC22s, other 2 meter rigs,
plenty of old CB radios I have bought at Garage Sales

I am looking to expand my services and BUY MORE
KNOBS. There must be countless "thousands upon
thousands" in boxes in attics ect.

I will buy them at a decent price, clean, sort and take
pictures of them.

Rubber feet as well..though rubber has a shelf life.
Same with old crystals and other radios/radio parts.
FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME..LINK HERE.... with pictures of the knob(s) you are looking for
and I can have a look in my boxes/collection.

I do buy stuff over the internet and I would like to buy more stuff like this to clean up and
sell or sometimes I need knobs for items I build and work on.
Kenwood TS780 junker unit for parts pictured. I have a few Kenwood TS820
chasis parts and a few knobs (but not many). I dont work on Kenwood radios
all that often. If a few came my way at a low cost for parts..Id take them. -- I
take any old radios and if they are scrap..I scrap them..but if they have some
life in them..I will take a try at reviving them. -- I do the odd repair here and
there for other hams by mail. My $10 per hour shop rate is about the lowest
but I just do straight fault finding and fix up and I prefer sticking to rigs that
dont have PLL or digital memory circuitry/u processorts. Right now..Sept
2013..Im working
on an Argosy that needs some TLC and someone sent me some circuit
boards from an Argosy 525 that Im going to test and troubleshoot/repair and
as spare parts to sell. -- MY PRICES are much more reasonable than the
commercial chop shops like on ebay.
These 4 E.F. Johnson Knobs are boxed and new old surplus
Above the cheap knock off "Davies"knobs I bought. They might be OK in a pinch but
they look kind of cheap to me.

  I received the PC-200 board today.  It works fine. Its nice to have the old Atlas on the SSB
mode again. Thanks for everything. I will get my board in the mail to you in the next day or so.


I sent Larry a PC-200 circuit board for the Atlas 210x -- that I tested and verified and sent out for
$20 plus he said he would send back the defective board for me to fix and re-sell. Bad IC on his
board. I have plenty of ICs ect around here to fix boards. - I do this for the FT301 as well. \
My prices are reasonable and I do mail order board repairs as ell.
If you see a knob or two you might be interested in ..shoot me an email and I can take
pictures of it (close ups) and I can even try it on the rig in question (perhaps).

73 earl ve3ab my
email link is here.. (email me if you want to downsize your collection
and I will give them good homes (in time!!).
Link back to my home page Earl Andrews VE3AB