Recent Arrivals to my stocks. Shipping (post office) will be $1.55 throughout Canada,
about $2.80 to all USA and about $5.50 overseas. -- I (of course)..combine items for your
biggest bang for your dollar. I even have some freebies (excess stocks) to give away
(while quanitities last) The FREE items are at the top of the page.
DB25 S connectors.. I see them 39 cents on Ebay with free shipping ..I guess I will sell them for 20 cents each. I have a small bag of these connectors and
they are of no use to me. I bought them at a flea market in a box with other items. New old surplus and were never soldered B4.
LM324N -- 25 cents each. Low power quad op amp. Several of my own
accessories in the ham shack use these devices so I keep some spares.
OP 07CP OP AMP 45 cents each. -- My stock levels on some items are
fairly low. -- I only ordered in 5 of these items (OCTOBER 2012)

Iam testing the market..I dont want to be stuck with too many items if
they dont sell. -- I can re-order more if there is a demand.
1N34A -- 30 cents each. -- by comparision..DANS SMALL PARTS in USA
sells them 35 cents each --
Dans Sm Parts no longer sells to Canada and
any non USA hams/hobbyists. I have no restrictions.
IRF 510 ..used in qrp rigs INDEX LABS QRP + and quite a few homebrew type radios.
I sell them for 80 cents each. I will pack and store these items in ESD foam and
drawers. -- These are a bit subject to static damage.