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These web sites are my hobby. I finance everything out
of my own pocket and with sales of small signal
components, ICs, surplus parts and the odd repair (mail
order) at my low $10 per hour. Basic repairs, fixes not
major alignments or restorations.
NOTE: help and guidance offered FREE of charge. All
done by email/texting and over the web.
References and email comments with the
Identities blanked out for privacy..I keep
Identities and callsigns private. ON THIS
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ve3ab @ works for me
I can send you my phone nr in
if you want to talk on phone
Today arrived the little packet you sent me.
All excited but without too much expectatons... just in
case it
didn't work i earthed myself up, formed its legs and
it in

****************************IT WORKS******************************

You're a star!!!!! my 301SD s back on the road. just need
put all the front panel back together tonight when i get
from work.

check out the photo
1000 thanks
Earl, got the boards today, plugged them in and
everything works again. Thanks for the help, will
let you know if power supply works when I get
time to switch IC.--- GARY

Gary sent me three circuit boards from his FT301 for me to work
on. I found the problem rather quickly. A zener diode had gone
bad. Total charge for my repair
3 hours work..$30 plus $1 for the

Switched the IC in power supply and it fired
right up and works perfectly. Do you know anywhere to
get a boom mic that will work with an FT-301??? I have an old pair
of Military headphones that work well but a boom mic would work
well in VOX.
Again, thanks for the help and let me know about mic.
73, Gary
Hello Earl,
I contacted an electronics place that actually has the  The TIL 306 and TIL308's,
they called me this morning for the price quote :
" $300.00 & $500.00 USD Each ! " this is from 4-STAR electronics in California

I guess
gold may be cheaper and easier to buy  .
The sales rep said the US government is their main clientele go figure,
anyway just thought i would drop that little tidbit upon you.

Thanks again for all your help so far
CUL  73 (Identity protected)
Below: I helped this fellow out with some rare digital 7 segment displays from the late 70s
and early 80s (used in FT301 display). I sold the used tested parts for $8 each to him. A
fraction of the aftermarket prices! Just check out the site: and you will see!
I sold him one for $7.50 plus postage
they are much more expensive than I sell them for:

Hi Earl,

I did not have much time over the last few weeks to do anything with
the FT-301, but I got a few hours yesterday and today, and I was able
to make my first contact on this transciever (Central Florida).  My
antenna is not quite right yet (still waiting for the ladder line I
ordered from wireman... they are having supplier issues) but I was
able to get enough signal out on some old twinlead (I know that's
horrible) to make a contact.

I still do not have the FT-301 doing CW, and I really want to get
that going.  When last we talked, you said that you were 90% sure
that you could sell me a crystal (the CW crystal on the IF board),
but if you sent anything else, I lost the email.

I prefer paypal if that is not a problem for you.  If you have the
crystal, let me know and I will paypal right away.  Beats paying for
the snailmail stamp.  10.40 is the total, if I added it up right, and
if you have not raised your prices yet.

Mark (in 8-land USA)
New NOTE: 17 May 2012.

Recently..I was in correspondence with a fellow ham who had bought a
couple of new crystals from JAN Crystals in is what you might
expect to pay:

Jan charged me $80 (including shipping) for the two crystals. (I'm
guestimating $35 each plus $10 for S&H. The Paypal invoice just
showed a
lump sum.) It's taken them about 3 weeks --if they stick to the current
delivery schedule --to deliver them.

I hope I don't need to buy your VFO but it's nice to know I have the
option available. Thanks

Earls NOTE: I was selling them for about $8 used tested. I recently
some for $10 each. I do still have a few crystals available and you can
me for price/availability. My prices have had to go up to around $14 on
certain crystals as a result.
Crystals and how much they cost new/my used ones. As per correspondence below. I sell used
crystals (pulled and tested) for an average of $7.50 plus $1.51 postage to Canada $2.80 to USA!!
MY PRICES ARE LOW compared to manufacturer prices on ebay or
say crystal manufacturers ..(see the examples below).

I don't advertise or run an ebay store. I use the basement of my 3
bedroom home in Elliot Lake, Ontario as a shop/mini warehouse.I
work by INTERNET..through my "hobby web sites". Im semi retired.  
I buy CRYSTALS..or do trades for CRYSTALS to keep
the older rigs like FT301, Heathkits, FT7 and even the old
2 meter rigs humming along.

If you have crystals that you dont me and
maybe I can trade parts or buy them. I 'test' them and
resell them to hams at very good prices.
"Wow the pictures are great. I will work on it tomorrow." --

(((I helped this fellow with his TT 405 qrp amplifier))) (I took
pictures of my circuit board layout so he could do repairs))
someone had modified the amplifier so he was restoring it.
Often..this is a free service I offer to hams. It is all part of the
networking process and building up a good base of satisfied
repeat customers to my little service.

I had the manual that I downloaded from somewhere.
NOW..APRIL 2012..I have set up a page on my web site for
MANUALS of the old gear I have an work Atlas 210x, HW7,
Ten Tec Argonauts 505,509 515. and more older gear manuals.
I do "freebies" as well. Its all part of the networking process! Below: A fellow needed some
pictures of a Ten Tec 405 Amplifier in order to repair his circuit board. NO
PROBLEM..things like this I dont charge for. -- Also help to new Amateur Radio Operators
or would be Amateur Radio Operators.
Thats about it for now... july 9 is a link
back to my start page (home page) of VE3AB if
you need it..73 Earl  Andrews (dot com)VE3AB
Free Advice on substitute parts and repairs
estimates ect..all part of my service.
HERE is a page of notes I am building for
SUBSTITUTE ITEMS!  I will be building this page
for the next little while (July 9th noted)
and explain)
Hello OM

You seems to be a specialist on the QRP Agonaut 505/515.
I refired my old 515 after 10 years and did have the usual problems with the stuck PTO.
I got a repairkit from TEN-TEC and the VFO is now working fine.

But there is an other problen that gives me more gray hair. Hi !
I hope that you maybe also have had this problem with your rig or heard about it from other 515 owners..
Periodically there is a very noisy background signal, about S -8 on the S-meter.The noise often can be started by a strong signal .
If I disconnect the antenna the noise is still there and the S-meter is showing it.
It seems to be a kind of self oscillation in one of the stages in the receiver.  
The noise is not coming from the sound modul, but I wonder if its normal on the rig, that even with the volume at zero one can still
hear strong signals.

My hope is that you know about this problems.

73 from Malmoe Sweden (callsign not published here for privacy of the individual)

MY REPLY TO Fred in Sweeden.
Ok Fred. Well there are alot of noise generators out there now. Plasma tvs and things like that. I get lots of noise here where I am located.
The argonauts are getting older now. I know I had one repair I did with an FT301..where a zener diode was generating noise of about 20 db over.
Any there are back to back diodes right on the receiver line to protect against spikes. I would almost recomend replacing these diodes with
4 diodes instead. two in series one direction and two in series the opposite direction. These diodes (if there are only 2 way directioon and one the
can take strong signals from Broadcast stations or other RF sources and they get overloaded if only 2 diodes and start conducting when they are not
supposed to.
As a temporary thing. you could remove both diodes and see if that is a problem.
Before doing that..I would recommend.. replaceing the power source you have with a battery sure to connect it up right and see if that helps.. could
be a bad
capacitor in power supply.
The argonaut receivers are generally quite quiet receivers. I have not heard anyone else express this problem. A good list to belong to is QRP-L. All kinds
of qrpers on that list and they offer free advice all the time. Perhaps choose the once a day daily digest for lower count of emails....but Im sure you will find
some ideas/tips and experienced
users on that list. I belong to it myself. Let me know how it works out for you. 73 earl ve3ab NOTE: in a follow up email I also advised Fred that I had an
argonaut where the audio amp chip was motorboating. I pressed my finger on the chip and the motorboating inscreased frequency) was another possible
source of noise.
Hello Earl:  I have bought from you before, now I am back. I finally got
Atlas 210 Limited Edition, it needs help, but the price was right. I am
looking for circuit board PC-120 noise blanker, only the variable pot
control version, not the switch. Also the brass reduction drive , the
panel bearing thing the                                    tuning knob and dial cord
are attached to. How is your supply of Atlas stuff holding up.
Please advise.    Bob WA2 XXX IDENTITY PROTECTED.
The older Ten Tec
Radios are always
interesting to me. I
enjoy hearing about
them. Ten Tec still has
parts for their older rigs
dating back to the
EMAIL RECEIVED: 6 August 2012..another
satisfied and repeat customer!!

Any chance you have a  Clarifier/Drive Knob for
the FT301?
If yes, just let me know how much. :-) I sold him
both knobs for $5.50 plus postage. It cost a bit
more for the postage than the knobs them
selves (in this particular case).

BTW: I was told that the RF choke you sent to
the guy in Florida who's repairing my FT-301 was
"perfect." Thanks!
I collect older radios from the 70s and early 80s such as these older
2 meter rigs. The Clegg is one I remember well from QST ads. It
looks distinctive. It sort of half works! I have some crystal control
rigs like the IC22 and an old Wilson Handheld. I pull parts for people
fixing and restoring rigs and I do a bit of it myself. I also tinker and
experiment alot. Sort of along the lines of QRP experimentation.
Nothing over 100 watts.
I work on the older Ten Tec
Argonauts as shown in this
picture. I work on gear (like
these pictured) that have
no PLL circuitry,
micro-processors ect. This
is stuff I know I can fix
come hell or high water.
The FT301 is a specialty
rig of mine. I have 3
junker radios that I have
been pulling parts off of
and I have 2 good
working units. The Atlas
210x is another one I
have parts for and work
email received a couple of days ago from a fellow who is looking for parts for the IC720. I do have a junker 720 with some parts remaining.

Hello,searching for a part for a 720 a ,my tech cannot locate the part he needs  ,if you would e-mail youy ph no
he said he would call you to see if you have the part he needs. Thanks R H Ben??? (Identity protected by
me..Earl Andrews) of

The word is getting out that I carry parts for older rigs and I do have some of the hard to get parts. He wants
my phone nr. -- normally I just work by email but in this case I will send along my phone nr.

I keep my phone nr off my web pages so I dont get prank calls!! I have had a few in the past!!

WITH EMAIL..I can work whenever I feel like it at my own pace and on my own schedule. I think working on the
web is the ABSOLUTE GREATEST!!!!!
------------------------------------------------------>>> 73 Earl VE3AB
Thanks for all of your help.  You have been great!


Quite a few people write me for advice on radios such as the FT301 and some QRP rigs they are
working on.
I dont charge for the advice I hand out.
It would not be in the spririt of Amateur Radio to do so!
I do have to charge for parts and I do mark the items up about 20 pct or 30 pct..AND I certainly sell for
much less than the Ebay sellers.

I use the small amounts of money I generate to pay for my 2 web sites and to buy the odd shop supply and
sometimes a piece of test equipment for the shop.

I call it a HOBBY BUSINESS!!! -- A sort of project for my retirement and it keeps me keen during our long
Northern Ontario winters. -- I live on my pension and my retirement savings..not by my electronics and ham
radio!!!! Iam a retired federal civil servant who took an early retirement option. I moved up here to Elliot
Lake (a retirement community) in 2005.
Hello Earl,

First of all, thanks VERY much for the lengthy & detailed reply!!!

As a matter of fact I do have an unused screwdriver antenna around here I could modify for 80 meter use. Thanks
for the idea your thoughts on the HF2V.............I have enjoyed looking at all of the stuff on your webpage for quite a
few years now.

                                                                   Thanks again,

                                                                            Tom KC in zero land callsign. I dont publish callsigns and names on
my web pages as I repect the privacy of the people I deal with.

Thanks for the prompt service.
I received your diodes and tested them.
The 1N34A diodes worked fine. The mystery diodes didn't work for me.

I tried all 3 mystery diodes and 3 1N34A diodes. It was unanimous!
I read on the internet that some diodes (pin, schottky)
can work well under special circumstances, such as using a small
forward bias.
Anyways, good luck and happy trails,


I sent Don 3 diodes (free samples for him to try) that were sold to me (from overseas source) as 1N34s. Don tried them in his circuit and
they did not work. -- I was suspicious right from the start about those diodes. They certainly did not look anything like the conventional
I try and test my stuff out as much as possible. Even the toroid cores I spot test them to make sure they are what they are supposed to be.

Transistors can be tested rather easily and I have 2 test jigs for them. I match transistors/parts as well..for people for only $1 extra to
match the pair of parts.

These mystery diodes that dont seem to work will be now QUARANTINE STOCK that I will not sell to anyone. You dont win them all!
Hi Earl,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your Argonaut 505 restoration articles online.  It was an eye-opener on quite a few points!

I see you've had the Butternut HF2V in the past.  Great antenna, and I like some of your mods.  My HF2V is in storage right now... along with my original HF6V (needs some
repair, broken "B" tube... 25 years outdoors finally got to it), and another one given to me for parts.  Not to worry, though, my "new" HF6V (from a good friend now a SK) is
performing like gangbusters.

And with that, I've bored you enough.  Plus, lunchtime is over and I really should get back to work.

But keep up the good work.  I'll be keeping an eye out for more articles; sure wish more people did what you're doing!

73, ron w3 (Identity protected) ham in W3land. --- this is a summary of the nice email I got from Ron. -- Great to know my web site is being viewed and people enjoy the
material. --- Look for more this fall and winter as I get back to antenna building/fixing and work on the bench ..summer is almost over..73 earl ve3ab  Aug 20-2012.
The butternut vertical I repaired..then modified.
my cup runneth over with parts...I
enjoy researching the parts,
cataloguing them, and storing them
and using and selling some of them!
This is the one little corner of many
where I store parts.
I have 3 Atlas 210x radios. 2 are
used as parts donors to fix other
radios. And 1 is my good working
radio. I have 3 FT301 parts radios
and have sold quite a few parts to
hams who have been working on
them. Besides the 3 junkers I have
2 good working FT301s.
Above a power supply I spent many hours
experimenting and working on! I rebuilt it with parts
from other defunct power supplies.