RF Transistors
CD1198 and CD1197 5 of each. Old stock.
2N5944 new old stock qty 6
MRF644 qty 2, SD1477 (1987 lot code); and the 2N5944s qty 6 - all these are new old stock from
a ham who downsized and I am selling most reasonably.
cd 1651

qty 5 new old stock
I HAVE SOME RF (HIGHER POWER) TRANSISTORS thanks to some hams who have downsized their
collections. Some are VHF transistors and most here are rather old stock..but someone might need
them for some older radio. Some I dont have much data on yet. -- my prices will be most reasonable
to hobbyists who want to experiment or fix a radio ect.
My Motorola transistors ..
like the ones pictured left..

will be on this page as well.


23 jan 2014

for MORE MOTOROLA parts like
these transi
stors..go to this page
of mine.
I now have 8 of these BLU99

I could make up matched
pairs (perhaps).

I would sell or trade for other

These are UHF transistors

I have a data sheet on file

write me an email for the
data sheet and I can post it.

Im thinking about $9 each for
these transistors.