Diaz likened Ibra to his father in the dressing room

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AC Milan attacker Braim Diaz has described Zlatan Ibrahimovic as his father in the club’s dressing room.

         The 40-year-old is still an important part of the army. “Red Devils – Black” in success with the Serie A champions Serie A this season. After a decade hiatus, scoring 8 goals in 23 ufabet games

         not only important in the field only He also has a role in the dressing room, which Diaz considers Ibrahimovic to be like a father in the dressing room.

         “He’s the same age as my father. But he can still make a difference. For me, he’s like a father in the dressing room. He made my life easier because when I had the ball. It’s my job to pass the ball to him so he doesn’t get angry!” Diaz told Marca at an event in Malaga.

         “He’s an incredible player. Has great talent and likes to win. He likes to practice and he transfers it to others. He makes all the players better because he always encourages everyone to do their best.”

“He likes to work in training and he also passes it on to others. He makes all the players better because he pushes you to always give your best.”

Díaz, 22, is on loan from Real Madrid until the end of the 2022/23 season.

In 2021/22, he scored four goals in 40 appearances across all competitions.