Vieri would rather see Python pull Lukaku than Dybala

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Christian Vieri, former Italian national team striker Revealed that he would like to see Inter Milan bring Romelu Lukaku back to the team. More than Paulo Dybala

         The boot sector reports that Inter are close to acquiring Dybala from Juventus on a free transfer. Although the team were link with Lukaku as well. It would be difficult to pay £97.5 million for the same price as when it was sold. Or whatever it is, it’s probably not much lower than that ufabet.

         However, from Vieri’s view, he would rather see Lukaku joining Lautaro Martinez rather than Dybala. 

         “I don’t know either, in my opinion no, Lautaro and Lukaku yes,” Vieri said in Viareggio at the Bobo Summer Cup.

         “Inter hopes not to sell one of the team’s top stars this summer. By wanting to keep Lautaro, including Alessandro Bastoni. A good defender who was heavily link with Spurs earlier.”

         “It’s hard to imagine Inter getting Dybala and Lukaku without losing anyone.”

Defences win leagues, not attacks. It is madness to get rid of Skriniar, a great defender who has given everything for us and wants to stay. And to sacrifice such a great, loyal player to bring back a player who jumped at the first opportunity to abandon us for London? Hell no, it can’t be allowed. Also replacing Skriniar will be next to impossible.

Also, having the 3 sounds too good to be true. And in almost every single circumstance, if something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is!